Ar Augmented reality is based on the computer system, which integrates the real and virtual world pictures. Wearing ar glasses, you can feel the scenes that can not be presented in real life. Through ar glasses, we can see the virtual or real world, together with computer generated images projected on the surface of the world, so that the physical world beyond the user's daily experience.

  • AR增强现实_01
  • AR增强现实_02
  • AR增强现实_03
  • AR增强现实_04
  • AR增强现实_05
  • AR增强现实_06
  • AR增强现实_07
  • AR增强现实_08
  • AR增强现实_09
  • AR增强现实_10
  • AR增强现实_11
  • AR增强现实_12
  • AR增强现实_13
  • AR增强现实_14